Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I want an A"

With the new semester upon us, once again I have heard omitted from a few students' vocal chords: "I want an A."

Over the years I have heard this quite frequently; I have also had the pleasant experience of being threatened once or twice by students who believed that it was their right to tell their instructor the grade they will earn before ever submitting an assignment.

To all students out there: I hope you all CAN EARN AN A if this is your goal and you are willing to dedicate time and effort to reach this! TIP: You may need to check your own attitude and realize that earning an A is like achieving something of significance anywhere anytime -- it takes perseverance, hard work, hours, knowledge and dedication.

I hope it is not the case, but for those who want good grades dissociated with any effort or achievement: if earning an A would become as easy as chewing gum, then an A would have little meaning anymore.

A little over 3 week after I wrote this, an article was published in the Chicago Tribune concerning behavioral patterns in higher ed. I found this interesting -- take a look.
Dr Duly

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