Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Time to THINK HARD - not to hardly think

I think it is time that every U.S. American give serious thought about the state of our health care system - whether or not s/he voted for Obama. Place the partisan warfare aside and just think about this issue. I for one, find it appalling that millions in our country are not insured. This "mere fact" is touching many more lives than most people realize.

Seriously, how can this be good for any of us?

Some children are not getting the care they need - which will affect future generations. If they are losing their parents and loved ones, this is affecting families and upcoming generations as well. Just ethically and morally, how can a nation who prides itself in "liberty and justice for all" NOT be concerned about the welfare of all citizens?

It can happen to anyone here, because health insurance is most often available through full-time employment, when employment is lost or is only part-time or undocumented, there is no coverage.

Please read these words with an open and critical mind. What do YOU think? What can be done?!
Dr Duly

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