Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have a word?

A few days ago while lifting weights at the Y, to my surprise, an older gentleman my husband and I have seen in passing many a time walked over to me, inquiring, "Do you have a word for me?"

Huffing and puffing with my 70 pound weights, I replied, "Excuse me?" not understanding what he meant.

"I mean, do you have a word, you know, with a special meaning or like a word or words of wisdom?"

I observed him carefully that split second assessing whether this was a joke - or not.

(Little did he know I used to pull this one all the time as a grad student at the university - I'd sneak up to slap a buddy's back and in a loud jovial British accent remark: "Hey - don't you have some wisdom for me today?!" But here I was 20+ years later in about the same basic scenario - only reverse - I'm being asked!)

My gosh, he's really serious I thought. He is standing - waiting - in front of me and though we have never had a conversation and I have no idea what his name is, he is waiting for a word or even a group of words - from me! Sweat was dripping down my face, back and arms and I must not have been the prettiest sight to behold. However, I was not alone - all of us were working out hard.

I paused, let the weights go, wiped my forehead and looked him directly in the eyes, stating emphatically,"Cherish every moment."

"Hm, wow, that, that is a good one - Cherish every moment." he replied nodding his head as he began to walk towards the door diagonally across from where I was planted on a shoulder-press machine.

"Yeah, even THIS one, and have a great day!" I yelled after him.

He smiled and walked out of the gym. Still a bit perplexed, I finished lifting my 40,000 plus; pleased that I could offer him a few words to contemplate and chuckling to myself, I exited as well.

Isn't it these short impromptu conversations or spontaneous exchanges that liven a dull day and add sunshine, colors, textures and tone to seemingly predictable patterns of our existence day in and day out?

Aren't they fun to remember when after grading 30+ papers you just can't sleep?!

Another moment to cherish!

On second thought, is each and every moment in life cherishable - REALLY?!

Auf Wiederlesen!