Friday, February 17, 2012

Go Red for Women Challenge 2012

It might seem sort of strange or unbelievable to some people that those experiencing serious symptoms might just be unaware. However, if you have been with your dearest loved one, who thinks s/he is just having a lil' bout of indigestion, and the next thing you know the person is being carted off into an ambulance, wheeled into the emergency room and squeezed into the schedule for emergency open heart surgery, believe me, you never forget the experience. Later, when others joke about, "oh my, I just about had a heart attack," you have flashbacks.

I have passed out information at work on the perils of perpetual sitting and inactivity; I offer people "heart healthy cookies and cake" and snacks on my birthday. I have shared my story with a select few, who expressed a little concern about their health. I am sure some are amused when they witness me huffing and puffing after climbing the 7 flights of stairs, gasping for breath as I nearly stumble into my office. Though recently I have to admit, I have gotten a bit lazy and have not been doing this every morning - or even every other morning {- maybe once or twice a week?!}.

According to statistics from the American Heart Association, 90% of all women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease and more women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. For women, heart disease is the silent killer - many are unaware that they may be at risk or they are experiencing serious symptoms.

Check this out.

Once I get over this flu bug, I vow to eat more of those fruits and veggies and walk up and down those stairs once again! :-)

I am going red and I am taking up the challenge!

Dr. Duly

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