Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Time to THINK HARD - not to hardly think

I think it is time that every U.S. American give serious thought about the state of our health care system - whether or not s/he voted for Obama. Place the partisan warfare aside and just think about this issue. I for one, find it appalling that millions in our country are not insured. This "mere fact" is touching many more lives than most people realize.

Seriously, how can this be good for any of us?

Some children are not getting the care they need - which will affect future generations. If they are losing their parents and loved ones, this is affecting families and upcoming generations as well. Just ethically and morally, how can a nation who prides itself in "liberty and justice for all" NOT be concerned about the welfare of all citizens?

It can happen to anyone here, because health insurance is most often available through full-time employment, when employment is lost or is only part-time or undocumented, there is no coverage.

Please read these words with an open and critical mind. What do YOU think? What can be done?!
Dr Duly

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pain, Hope & Renewal

It appears that we all experience different types of pain at some point or points in our life. It is indeed "universal." Sometimes short-lived, sometimes chronic, sometimes absolutely devastating, sometimes just a bit of a nuisance, sometimes "in between" - sometimes vacillating back and forth.

I have been giving the phenomenon of physical pain a bit more thought recently, following an injury and empathizing with a close loved-one dealing with chronic pain. I have been quite surprised at what I have discovered in my everyday life. When I dare to confide how I am (REALLY feeling) in response to, "So how's it going?" or "Good morning, how are you doing?" or I tell someone how my loved one is REALLY doing. I more often than not hear similar anecdotes from others. I am simply amazed at how many people around me on a day-to-day basis are experiencing similar physical discomfort and pain.

One way pain can be transformed is through the sharing of survival stories -- communicating the impact with others, sharing the steps one took to survive, sharing the struggle and the outcome(s) . . . and inspiring others to begin the journey with their pain instead of being victimized by it. (Much easier said than done when you are in the throes of tremendous pain! I submit, I think it can take much time and effort to reach that "inspiring others" stage!)

As I signed on this early morning (unable to sleep because ...), this photo and article gripped me.

Pain and agony on a whole different dimension - not only physical but encompassing so much more - emotional, cognitive, spiritual ... -- NEVER can mine be compared to the pain this little girl/woman has endured. A photo that imprinted its image onto and into my brain forever at an early age.

Kim notes that it is this pain that humbles her and serves as a daily reminder, to cherish her life and share her story with others. Such a wise and compassionate survivor!

After years and years of horrible, traumatic pain, Kim sends us a message of hope and renewal, challenging us to move on.
Are we "listening"?

Dr. Duly